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Hello everyone ! ^-^

I got tagged by :icondreamingmystic: :iconderpinaplz:

1.) You must post these rules.
2.) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3.) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag. NO :stare:
4.) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5.) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
6.) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
7.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people. No. :stare:
8.) No tag-backs.
9.) You can't say that you don't do tags. I WILL DO WHATEVER I WANT ! Why ? BECAUSE WALUIGI TIME :iconwaluigitimeplz: *shot*
10.) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.


1) I'm a lazy girl
2) I may have Mafia blood in my veins (but that's a really long family thing from my mother side ;p shhhhhh--)
3) I'm starting to explore the other Nintendo universe rather then get stuck at Pokémon and Mario
4) I will buy ORAS when it comes out
5) I want to work at Nintendo one day (dreamongirl)
6) I'm the class's outsider
7) I doodle a lot in class
8) I should be working on my homework :XD:
9) I hate spicy stuff (well, TOO spicy that is)
10) My dA friends here are like a second family to me :heart:


Q1. Okay.... The whole town is getting ready for a paintball war.  Men, women, and children to the streets!  Loading their guns with their respective team's color and flying their banners proud.  At the end of the war, each team's captured territory will be painted to match that team's color theme.  What team will you choose and what will be your strategy to bring your comrades the victory they so desire?

A1 : It's a tie, I could be in the children team as they are young and I could be their leader of some sort but it depends on the ages of the said children. Also, I could work on the women team....
As for my strategy, I think hiding in high and lower ground will be our best shot (pun intended). The teammates on the high places could be a good shot then hide by backing up and if the opposite team tries to shoot the High-team, the lower ones could fight back.

Q2. So I just snuck into your house and not only am I eating your food but I just finished leaving a mess pretty flowers and notes of inspiring messages with hearts and smiley faces on them.  What will you do?

A2 : I would first get very mad but I wouldn't hold my giggles at the 'pretty' mess.

Q3.  Crap, you REALLY did not like me eating all your food.  To escape your wraith I flee with the speed and grace of a majestic gazelle across the savanna.  How will you catch me to exact retribution for slaying all your yummy snacks?

A3 : Lasso. Helps everytime.

Q4. Ninjas.  They're everywhere.  And they are leaving glitter all over the place wherever you go.  What is your tactic for discovering these sparkle ninjas' hiding places so that you may finally prove to your friends and family that you are not dousing all their stuff with the colorful dust?

A4 : I think I would be too busy rolling on the glitter like a little kid :meow:

Q5. Welp.  Turns out the ninjas are not real, you're just insane.  Now that you know you are mentally unstable and have legal grounds to plead insanity in the court of law what crime will you commit?

A5 : Eat all the space muffins that threatens to take over the unicorn world in the galaxy 0.9

Q6.  That fucker just stole your lolly pop right out from your hand!!  What are you going to do? (If your first gut reaction answer for this question was boring then how will you re-obtain the lolly in the most outlandish and over the top way possible?  Remember, bonus points if you perverse nature while doing it.)

A6 : I'll get my OC to show him a thing or two. Maybe loose the arm that took my lollypop >:3c

Q7.  You just now found a shiny penny on the ground, but as you try to pick it up the ground beneath you opens and you fall into the abyss below.  What very lethal death trap awaits you below and how do you plan on surviving it?

A7 : I think I saw spikes under me. Better use a lasso to pull me up :V

Q8.  But let's be honest here; realistically, knowing everything about yourself, would you have survived that death trap?  If no then what would have to be placed at the top of hole to motivate you enough to spontaneously obtain the ability to fly out of there?

A8 : I don't think I would have survived, I'm not good at aiming with a lasso :'D But if there was something to motivate me to get out of here by flying, maybe Luigi ? *shot*

Q9.  Fuck flying.  If you were to actually get yourself some super powers what would they be and what would be the first thing you do with them.  (Remember: Fuck flying.  That's too basic.)

A9 : SHAPE SHIFTING ! 8D And I would totally use it to run around as my OC or disguise myself as a random person to escape any crime I would commit >:3c

Q10.  Did you honestly think to yourself "what the fuck?" or something similar when reading any of the previous questions?  If so do you now require brain bleach?  I should have a bottle around here somewhere...

A10 : Haha, maybe all these years in the net destroyed my brain since then. So no thanks :)

Annnd I tag no one~Not until Flygon gets a MegaEvolution :heart:

Well that was fun~

Moving along, there is two helps needed.

1)  Please help our friend, if you can!Hey guys, I just found out that a friend of ours just lost her husband, and is looking for help to fund his memorial services and to support herself and their children.
If you can, please donate here:
Or spread the word, please!!
I know you guys are angels and some of you will donate without telling me about it, so here are my hugs for you in advance.
:hug: :hug: :hug:
Thank you!
 From :icons-helle:'s journal, apparently this person have a friend who have lost her husband (RIP) and need money to fund his memorial service and support herself and childrens.

2) Some remembers the Masterpiece that is (Mario) : The Music Box where I played the first version of the demo~ Well MF9 (aka Team Ari) is looking for team members for certains things. You can check out there to see if you can help :  (Mario)The Music Box Demo + Updates + help wantedHere is some preview images for the full game~
I am not going to be dead just because I release a demo~ I will post updates how far the progress is within the game!
I'm still getting all the artwork done, getting more gameplay/puzzles done as well.
Help Wanted
I want to make this game as "spiffy" as possible!
We(Team Ari) are looking for some volunteer helpers!
What we are looking for:
:star:Original Music Composer
:star:Movie Maker(not artist! Just someone who is good at using video editing software to make amazing PVs!)
:star:Grammar/proof reader
If you can do any of these please let me know and if possible show me some of the work you have done!~
Visit the downloads section to find all information~
Note: Chrome sucks, it blocks things because it has no publisher name(by default all rpg maker games don't have a option to add publisher names), you may or may not expe

(Plus look at the beautiful teaser *Q*)

With that, I wish I could help these two but I can only spread the words. And if you can, please do so ! (Either donate or help or spread the words !)

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